Monday, June 21, 2010

And I thought I lived in the woods...

My first home, the one I grew up in and know every nook and cranny of. The one that, at 8 years old, on the brand new sky blue carpet, I staged a homicide of Barbie Dolls...yes...ketchup and red food dye everywhere...on the carpet, with broken Barbies' scattered about. My reasoning: I saw it on Rescue 911 the night before, and I wanted to play Rescue 911 as well.

In my effort to clean up so that my poor mother wouldn't come home and have a Cerebral Vascular Accident, emphasis on Accident, in my bedroom, I had the choice of the following cleaning products; Bleach, Comet, Pine-Sol, Shampoo of the hair variety, Dish Soap, and Water. I decided to test them out, and lo and behold, Bleach worked pretty well. I had no clue, when it dried, it would leave spots the size of Texas in a photo-negative shade of the rest of the carpet.

Needless to say, that was not the best night in the Trommashere house-hold ever.

I thought that, because I had lived in a space where I had to actually walk to the neighbors house instead of taking three steps over my lawn and waving, having wild animals of all sorts crossing my lawn leaving lovely droppings everywhere for me to step in, and my dog eating a rooster because it had decided to roost in his dog house...on Thanksgiving day, that I was an old pro at this.

I. was. wrong.

I went out for an evening run with The White Puppy, and we went to the local lake that has a dirt running track around it that loops into the woods for a portion. The White Puppy is a young one, not even two yet, and he never had the experience of taking a jog through the woods. So we set off and went for a run. Once we got started, the White Puppy was loving it! I had never seen him look so happy while running since I got him.

We stopped for a moment when I heard this rustling noise. I looked around the corner and jumped back with a girlish shreik as who knows how many geese came flying past me to get down to the lake. Then, we stopped for about five minutes as this fawn wandered around on the track. I wasn't getting anywhere near it because I knew Bambi's mom would find a way to kick my ass if I even looked at it wrong.

I even saw this ugly little creature that I believe was a possum and I had to find the energy to run past a skunk. Fortunately it didn't feel threatened enough to spray, which I was thankful for. All in all it was an awesome run, but I still have to get used to the wild life. Now, if I can just find somewhere to take my first hunting trip...

Have fun and be safe!


  1. Help me out here...I like your story, but I am very confused. My Blogger tells me that you just wrote this an hour ago, but it's dated June 21st. Do I need to have a talk with my blog about the evils of lying or did something else happen here?

  2. I had written this story some time in June, yes, and I was running out the door, so I saved it and moved on. I never actually sent it, so I did today...I didn't realize it would put it all the way back in June. My apologies!

    ~M. Trommashere~