Friday, July 2, 2010

@Faking Patience: Another name I love. That describes me in the back of an ambulance at 2 am with a patient with a stubbed toe who wants to go to a Trauma Center. As always, I am firmly against the senseless abuse of a corpse that is an EMT/Paramedic after dealing with the National Registry. They need to get to a trauma center fast to get their crainio-rectal inversion fixed before it becomes a permanent (read: terminal) condition. Their (physical) inadequacies will be their downfall. I am glad you have succeeded in getting everything switched over in an easy manner.

@TOTWTYTR: Thank you! I am glad someone can find a bit of humor in what I write. If he wants it, he can use and abuse it all he wants! I'm honored that I am getting such feedback from people who are such prolific EMS writers. I love you blog, I'm in love with AD's's a win win situation! I'm sure as the days continue, I'll have more to complain about when it comes to the registry, so hopefully you keep tuning in and enjoying it.

Once again, thank you everyone for your comments. I love reading them, responding to them, and just knowing that my posts are making people happy. My goal in life is to make people laugh, make them happy, and above all else, make you think.

Have Fun and Be Safe.

~M. Trommashere~

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