Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pre-emptive Strike...sort of

Okay, so I want to put this out there before I put out the final, edited version of the "Round Stretcher Discussion." I am so not advocating fire arms in the ambulance. At the same time, I didn't want to hear someone get all pissy because I didn't include guns in my list of things a Medic/EMT/Fire Fighter be allowed to carry to help with self defense.

So, if you'd like a snippet of the very first portion of our discussion, here you go.

MT: Thank you for participating in this "Round Stretcher Discussion." Topic for this week will be, "Should we as EMS providers and Fire Fighters be allowed to carry something to defend ourselves such as a side arm, taser, pepper spray, what have you?"

Medic Dolphine (MD): If I see anyone coming towards me with a gun, I'm liable to shoot them myself.

EMT Doodle (ED): Only if they provide the bullet proof vests and make the ambulance bullet the stuff they make the black boxes on airplanes out of bullet proof...

There you have it. Guns were taken off the table in the first two minutes of conversation.

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