Thursday, June 24, 2010

A sad day in EMS Bloggin History

A friend of mine called me eariler nearly screaming in the phone.


I looked at the phone in the same manner that a dog looks at you while you are discussing with him why he shouldn't be licking his balls in public.

"Before I dose you up with Narcan, slow down and tell me what's going on."

"That really hot english dude we met in B-More who did that webcast thingy and had that cool blog isn't blogging anymore."

I immediately went to his blog and found this:

Yeah. That sucks big eggrolls.

To all who don't know, Mark Glencourse is the other half to a Web Show called 'Chronicles of EMS.' I had the opportunity to chat with him for a few moments at the JEMS Convention in Baltimore. Like any other red blooded American female, I found the accent to be cute, but what I liked more was his drive to pull EMS together all across the world. Coming from an EMS arena where neighboring services want to kill one another, the idea of someone bridging the gap between services across the world was awesome to me in many ways.

To hear that he's leaving definately leaves a hole in the EMS world. As someone on the inside of EMS, I can understand his fears and concerns; with the advent of multi-media communications and the HIPPA monster, everyone has that opportunity to get burnt in many ways.

That's why, with the EMS stories I present, they are just that, stories. I have been through enough crazy shit in my nine years where I can take a cheif complaint, and meld many different scenarios together to make up a good story. I've even gotten comments from people through private e-mail asking me if the exact story happened. My response is: yes and no. I've had psych patients, multiple ones, but my initial psych patient story is a collection, melding, and blending of numerous patients.

Anywho, so to Mark; You are awesome! I am sorry that the proverbial fecal matter slammed into the rotating ocillating device. Have fun with your family, enjoy them. Hopefully one day you can begin blogging again. Until then, Cheers!

Have Fun and Be Safe!

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